Welcome to Linchpin Education!

So what is a linchpin?

A linchpin is defined as “a fastener used to prevent a wheel or other rotating part from sliding off the axle its riding on.” It’s also commonly referred to as “a person or thing vital to an enterprise or organisation”.

When deciding upon a name for our new company we wanted a name that would encapsulate our desire to bring together quality teachers and quality schools in the pursuit of quality learning. We want to be vital to the organisations we serve. We want to provide the solutions needed in times of change to help stop the wheels falling off. We want to be the linchpin.

Linchpin Education is working to design and develop innovative approaches to educational issues. Whether it be managing teacher absences, planning for quality learning and assessment or assisting parents to support their children with the latest research and resources. We look forward to sharing our discoveries with you.







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