Mem Fox… Learning to Read

I could read the writing of Mem Fox all day long. Her books line the shelves of my children’s bookcases and her mantra of reading three books a day to my baby girl means that she is a regular feature of my reading repertoire.

As a teacher I attended a Literacy Conference in Perth, Western Australia about eight years ago and I was enthralled by the talk Mem Fox gave on teaching young children to read. She spoke at length about the merits of early language development and the various games one can engage in to assist. Of all the gems she shared though the strongest message I took away from the event was that I should enjoy reading. Through my enjoyment of reading books to my children they will inherit my enjoyment and love of reading. She advocated not that we teach reading but that instead we read… read, read and read some more. Three books a day at least. Even if it is the same book, over and over again.

So I guess I won’t complain when my baby girl thrusts our copy of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’ into my hands to read for the tenth time today. I’ll just be pleased she’s caught my love of reading.


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