Choosing the Right School

Every minute of every day my baby girl is learning something new. She sees things for the first time, her eyes wide with wonder and examines every inch of our house as she has just mastered the ability to move her body in the direction of her choice. Generally that seems to be towards anything I don’t want her to touch!

My husband and I are faced with the arduous task of choosing the right school for our precious angel. Pressured by the demands of long waiting lists and huge fees just to get on the aforementioned lists we are questioning how we can make such a monumental decision for a ten month old whose vocabulary consists of Mama, Dada, Baba, Ga (Grandma), Dog, Up Above (when singing Twinkle Twinkle) and of course, our favourite, NO!

They say doctors make the worst patients so it would follow that teachers are the worst at choosing schools. Right? Not only am I having sleepless nights over the choice to make but of course everyone has an opinion because everyone has their own experience of school to draw upon.

We started making a list of the core values we wanted for our daughter and aimed to find a school that would support us by also instilling those values in her. Still looking…

We don’t know who she’ll be. An academic? A sportswoman? An artist? A musician? We hope she’ll be all that she dreams to be. We want that she’s a kind girl, a loving girl, a strong girl who has the courage to dream big! Which school is right for her? We’ll have to wait and see.

First step today … a thousand kisses and cuddles followed by another book to read on Mummy’s knee and then perhaps a little retail therapy at Westfield to avoid making the decision for a little longer.


2 thoughts on “Choosing the Right School

  1. Yes I totally relate to this. Another difficult issue is that its impossible to predict how the school will be in 13 yrs time! They might be guided by a fantastic principal at the moment, but not so in the future.

    However I do believe that the greatest influence on a child is firstly her family and homelife – the school will never be able to instill everything we want into the child, but I think the family life can foster that 🙂

    great blog!

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