Educate Empower Change

Educate. Empower. Change. Could there be three more powerful
words in the development of a new country? South Sudan became the world’s
newest nation on the 9th July 2011 and last night I was inspired by
the work of two young women, Liz Noonan and Lara Warren, at the Baobab Dinner
for Educate Empower Change Australia. These two young women are working to
empower the people of South Sudan and Tanzania through education and training.

The Baobab Dinner was held at the NSW Parliament House and
guests included Former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, the current Treasurer
of NSW Mike Baird MP as well as many other significant members of the NSW

Long after the evening was over I can’t help but think about
the dedication and commitment of two young women who appear to be capable of
anything. The words of Lara and Liz resonated through my mind throughout the
day today and I was reminded once again of the power of a teacher to make a
difference in the world.

The keynote speaker was the Former Foreign Minister,
Alexander Downer, and he reminded us all that, “the most important way forward
for developing countries is through Education”. I was impressed by his honest
recollections of time spent visiting developing countries, handing out cheques
on behalf of the Australian people. He reflected upon a variety of projects but
reminded us that the work of people like Liz and Lara is critical in the
development of nations such as South Sudan. Education is the way forward.

I’d highly recommend a visit to the website so you can learn
more about EEC Australia. I didn’t know anything about them before being
invited to attend last night and after their presentation I feel compelled to
spread the word. There is nothing more inspiring than two highly intelligent, well
educated, beautiful and eloquent young women who have been given every
opportunity and have made the choice to dedicate their lives to making a
difference in the world.

As educators we have the opportunity to change the world
every day. In every lesson we teach and in every word we speak we have the
chance to influence the future through the education and empowerment of our
students. It is a major responsibility and one we shouldn’t take lightly.

Find out more at


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